Pr Capucine Picard, MD, PhD works at the Necker hospital in Paris (France). Since 2005, she is the head of the ‘Study center of Immunodeficiencies’ (CEDI) at the Necker hospital in Paris. This diagnostic laboratory is responsible for the immunological and genetic investigation of over 300 PIDs, including T cellular deficiencies, combined immunodeficiencies, B cell deficiencies, phagocyte deficiencies, apoptosis defects and FHL.

    Her main research interests are the identification of genetic susceptibility to infectious diseases, in 2000 to 2015 was the genetic susceptibility to invasive bacterial infections. This research activity took place in the Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases, at the IMAGINE institute in Paris, (director Pr Casanova). The most significant contributions included the discovery of IRAK-4, MyD88 and HOIL1 deficiencies. Since 2015, Pr Picard has move in the research laboratory of Lymphocyte Activation and Susceptibility to EBV infection, Imagine institute, Paris, France (director S. Latour).

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